WIZO is Israel's main social and educational partner.

Founded in 1920 in Great Britain, it works to promote the status of women, educate children and young people, and improve the well-being of underprivileged populations, all faiths and all social status.

Apolitical Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), it brings together a number of volunteers, on 5 continents.

Our mission
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Our vision

Promote an egalitarian, just and enlightened society for all,

by supporting the efforts and actions of WIZO World.

“Acting for priorities” is our “motto”, this is our motto.

To do this, our task is also to make people understand

how much the “Israeli miracle” also relies on social assistance.

As a member of WIZO we are part of an apolitical sisterhood that is committed to actively supporting Israel.

Our contribution connects us to a network of more than 250,000 members

across the world who are committed to creating a better life for all who live in Israel, all religious and social backgrounds.

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Our engagement

Founded in 1927 in Switzerland, WIZO is today present in Basel, Bern, Friborg, Geneva, La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Zürich and of course Lausanne.

All these Wizeans who come from different backgrounds, share,
beyond their attachment to the State of Israel, common values:

1. A will to act

2. A desire to share

3. A need to transmit

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