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This year, WIZO celebrates its 100th anniversary!

Like every year, we planned to open the doors of our traditional Gift Market a few short weeks before the Hanukkah and Christmas holidays.

As the situation demands it, we have adapted and created a virtual online gift market for you, which will have allowed you to stroll through the shops that we offer you.


You played the game wonderfully and we thank you once again for your loyalty and your commitment to our side.


As you know, the funds raised within the framework of this market were fully allocated to the fight led by WIZO to come to the aid of women victims of domestic violence, this real scourge which was terribly aggravated during the Pandemic.


Thanks to you, thanks to your participation, thanks to your precious help, thanks to the donations that you can still make, we will continue, together to support the work of WIZO in Israel with these women and these children so badly affected. .

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