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This year, WIZO celebrates its 100th anniversary!

WIZO is the largest social organization in Israel. It works to promote the status of women, educate children and youth and to improve the welfare of underprivileged populations, regardless of faith and social status. WIZO is a non-political, non-govermental grganization (NGO), which brings together 250,000 volunteers, from 5 continents.

An important pillar of society, WIZO offers support and assistance through a number of social projects to disadvantaged women and children, many at risk. WIZO helps young people who have been left behind by the school system and supports  adolescent girls and young women who need help and advice.


During the centenary celebrations, current World WIZO Executive President, Anita Friedman said : “Even today, in a country where developed and rich public services operate, many unmet needs still exist. In the face of changing reality and the ever-changing world, WIZO is constantly working to identify the next goals, the next public struggles and the projects that will save people on the one hand, and strengthen Israeli society as a whole on the other... For the last century, WIZO women have been initiating and leading a vast array of social projects -projects which have educated and/or treated hundreds of thousands of Israelis,” emphasized Friedman.

“It is hard to imagine Israeli society today without its vital activities over the past century.”

Together, let's build the next hundred years!

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helps children ...


helps young people ...

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helps women ...


helps seniors ...

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